PFAT is a trusted partner providing professional legal advice, especially in notarial activities

PFAT is a trusted partner providing professional legal advice, especially in notarial activities
You will obtain:
1. Legal evaluation: our lawyers are experts in their field and provide a broad understanding of notarial and legal issues. Their wealth of experience enables them to provide comprehensive and accurate advice.

2. Document preparation: we accurately prepare documents in accordance with the client's needs and the applicable laws. Each type of document is carefully checked to ensure its accuracy and compliance with requirements.

3. Cooperation with notaries: we accompany you to the notary and provide all the necessary support to conclude the transaction.

4. Protection of interests: our company strictly adheres to our client's interests, ensuring that every action is carried out in the best interests of a client. Our aim is to ensure the client's complete satisfaction and confidence in our services.

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Contracts (Agreements)
A contract is a written agreement on mutual obligations. Any agreement between persons is best embodied in a contract. In this case, your interests are protected.

The PFAT consultant prepares contracts according to the client's wishes.

  • Purchase contract
  • Gift contract
  • Exchange contract
  • Maintenance contract
  • Residential tenancy agreement
  • Loan agreement
  • Tenancy agreement
  • Rental agreement
  • Lending contract
  • Marriage contract
  • Power of attorney agreement
  • Inheritance agreement
  • Heir's renunciation agreement
  • Cession contract
  • Pledge agreement
  • Handmoney agreement
  • Company contract
  • Service contract
  • Employment contract
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Powers of Attorney
A Power of Attorney is a document that allows another person to represent your interests with various authorities if you are for some reason unable to do so yourself.
  • Power of Attorney for independent departure of a child;
  • Power of Attorney for a car;
  • Power of Attorney for the sale of real estate;
  • Power of Attorney for an employee;
  • Power of Attorney to represent a company;
  • Power of Attorney for receiving documents;
  • Power of Attorney for receiving postal items;
  • Special Power of Attorney;
  • General Power of Attorney;
  • Universal Power of Attorney;
  • Future Power of Attorney.

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A Consent is permission that makes it possible for something to happen or take place.

A Consent for the child to leave the country is needed, for example, when a child travels independently without parents, goes to a competition, camp, etc.

Consent is required for transactions related to real estate:
  • consolidation of a real estate transaction;
  • sale of encumbered property;
  • sale of matrimonial property;
  • sale and purchase of real estate;

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A document governing the transfer of a deceased person's property, rights and obligations to other persons.

The inheritance includes the things (apartments, cars, etc.) that belonged to the heir at the date the inheritance was opened (date of death), other property (money, securities, etc.), as well as property rights and obligations.

PFAT lawyers provide assistance in the following cases:

  • Inheritance after death;
  • Division of inheritance / Distribution of inheritance; Inheritance Agreement;
  • Inheritance rights;
  • Inheritance cases;
  • Leaving and receiving an inheritance;
  • Inheritance Certificate.

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Testament (Will)
A Testament (Will) is a document in which a person disposes of his property on death: exactly how and among whom he should divide his property, debts and rights. If there is a will, it does not matter what is written in the law on the distribution of inheritance: it will be distributed as the owner wished.

The Will is kept permanently with a sworn notary. The Will can be changed or revoked.

The Will only takes effect after death. Unlike a gift or rental agreement, it does not give any rights during the owner's lifetime.

PFAT lawyers provide assistance in the following cases:
  • The power and meaning of a will;
  • A handwritten will;
  • How to find out if a will has been left?
  • How to make a will?
  • Inheritance by will;
  • Making a will;
  • Contesting a will;
  • A conditional will;
  • Annunciation of a will;
  • Execution of a will.

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Divorce at a sworn notary is the most convenient and quickest way to dissolve marriage. The spouses only have to sign a divorce agreement at the notary.

Usually, the terms of the divorce are agreed when the agreement is drawn up: who the children will live with, child support, division of property, etc.

To get everything right, you should consult a lawyer first, otherwise the outcome could be difficult and lead to costly litigation.
PFAT lawyers provide assistance in the following cases:
  • I want to get a divorce
  • How to divorce?
  • How to divide the common property of the spouses during divorce?
  • Agreement on divorce
  • Division of common property in divorce proceedings
  • Application for divorce
  • Request for divorce
  • Divorce proceedings at a notary
  • Divorce lawyer
We help you do everything right at once – it's easier than it looks!

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Real estate transaction
Real estate transactions are always a risk due to legal, technical and economic factors. It is necessary to be absolutely aware of the relevant legislation governing specific transactions.

PFAT lawyers study the legal and actual state of the real estate object, advise on all issues, draw up the contract and you to the notary for the closure of the transaction.
We help to close transactions:

  • Purchase and sale of real estate (residential and non-residential premises, land plots, industrial buildings, enterprises, etc.); / Purchase of real estate / Sale of real estate;
  • Pledge;
  • Mortgage;
  • Exchange;
  • Lease or sublease of real estate;
  • Rent;
  • Donation;
  • Inheritance;
  • Testament/Will and other transactions.

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    Other legal assistance
    • Establishment of legal persons.
    • Preparation of change documents.
    • Notarial translations of documents and Apostille.
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