Translations, Localisations, Notarisations, Apostille
PFAT Translation Agency provides services to businesses and individuals.

We provide services to our clients in our office, as well as remotely: using courier and mail services.
For legal entities
Technical Translations

Technical manual;
Documentation for household / industrial equipment;
Equipment operation documentation;
Technical standards;
Description of production lines and processes; Technological documentation;
Equipment catalog;
User manual
Legal Translations

Banking and financial law;
Data protection;
Labor law;
Family and inheritance law;
Corporate and commercial law;
Real estate;
Dispute resolution;
State procurements; Insolvency;
Intellectual property.

Is creative processing of the text or translation that considers the culture of the target language country, as well as the mentality, folklore and traditions of its people.
Even the best translation needs to be adapted to the target audience, taking into account its age, social status and much more.

After text rewriting, the translation of a web page, booklet or other marketing material becomes attractive to consumers from another cultural environment and encourages them to act
Marketing Material Translation

Translation of booklets,
marketing materials intended for printing
Remote oral interpretation

Our translators will be at your disposal wherever you are in the World. This significantly reduces costs since you do not need to pay for the translator's travel, accommodation and meal costs.
You just make a video call and our translator gets in touch. Knowing the dates and times of your event, we will be waiting for your call during this time, and will immediately swing into action as soon as the video call starts.
Remote interpretation is indispensable during foreign exhibitions, business trips, webinars and online negotiations with foreign partners.

Save on translating large amounts of text

When translating large, similar or same types of texts (instructions, specifications), we only charge for unique fragments. Our special software highlights repetitive fragments and we exclude them from the final cost.

The greater the amount of similar documentation, the greater the savings.
In addition, this software allows us to significantly speed up the translation process. A separate database of terms is created for each client.
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