Apostille (legalisation) of documents & translations

PFAT Translation Company provides services
in the legalisation of documents (Apostille)

We will assist in the legalisation of documents
within 1 business day
What is Apostille (legalisation)?
To Apostille (legalisation) is to perform an authentication
of a signature and seal of the official having the power of signature.

It is necessary to Apostille (legalisation) documents issued in one country
in order for them to gain legal power in another country.

An Apostille is placed only on the official documents
issued by the State authorities in the relevant country.
The document will be considered as having a legal power
only once the Apostille is placed on it.

How to order Apostille?
  • 1
    Preparation of order
    In order to receive an Apostille or order a translation,
    you need to bring original documents to our office
    or send scanned documents to the e-mail address birojs@pfat.lv
  • 2
    Clarification of details
    Our manager will clarify all details, review documents and inform you
    regarding the cost and terms.
    Once all details are coordinated, we will begin fulfilling the order
  • 3
    Your documents are ready!
    We will advise when you may pick up your documents in our office
Remote services
PFAT Translation Company provides remote translation, notarisation and legalisation (Apostille) of documents.

To use this service, just send us the original documents by post
and pay for the order by bank transfer.

After the documents are translated and apostilled,
we will send them back to your address.
Response in 15 minutes
Fill out the necessary fields
and manager will contact you
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Why should you choose PFAT?
We guarantee 100% precision of our translations
and correct legal preparation of all documents
We specialise in the translation
of legal documents
Individual approach
Each client is important to us
we will give you a consultation for the best price
We promptly respond
to incoming requests
and always name reasonable deadlines
Clients trust us!
96% of our clients work with us on a permanent basis and recommend us
as trustworthy and attentive service providers
Any legal documents
Notarial certification of documents,
legalisation and Apostille of documents
issued by the state authorities:
passports, driver's licences, birth certificates, as well as certificates of title to land, car and real estate, etc.
10% discount on every 3rd translation!
We appreciate your trust and therefore offer special terms
and a flexible price policy for our loyal clients
Urgent translations
We offer the prompt and high-quality services
of professional translations written in shortest terms
About the company
PFAT Translation Company is engaged in the legalisation of documents
and written translations for texts of any complexity and size

PFAT is a team of certified translators, editors and proofreaders
Contact details
Our address: 39 Baznicas street , Riga
Email: birojs@pfat.lv
Phone and WhatsApp: +371 29903464