What is an Apostille and legalisation of documents?
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If you are going to live, work or study abroad, the official documents obtained in Latvia, such as school graduation certificate, birth certificate, certificates from the Register of Enterprises, etc., must be certified with the Apostille. The Apostille replaces the procedure of consular legalisation, which is more complicated. The document with the stamp or sticker "Apostille" is valid in all countries that have acceded to the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961.

In essence, the Apostille is a certificate that confirms the authenticity of the signature and the legitimacy of the person who signed the official document, as well as the authenticity of the seal or stamp.
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Apostille can be attached to:
— The original document
— A notarised copy
— A translated copy
The choice of the above options depends on the requirements of the institution which has requested the document.

The official document is certified with the Apostille in the country of its issuance.
The document must be signed by an official who has the right to sign and is authorised to use the seal of a state institution. All the countries participating in the Hague Convention have adopted the same form of the Apostille, and the language of certification is English almost everywhere, including Latvia.

The Apostille is attached to the official document (birth or marriage certificate, graduation certificate or diploma, letter of verification, court decision, identity paper, etc.) in cases when it is necessary to confirm its validity in another state.
Apostille price
The price is affected by the time of execution. Usually, it is done within 2 working days. An urgent Apostille (on the day of the document's submission) will cost more.
More about Apostilles
Before leaving to another country to study, create a family or work it is necessary to find out which documents will be required, whether the Apostille is necessary and what it should be attached to (original document or certified or translated copy). The requirements may vary not only in different countries but also in the specific institution receiving the documents that shall issue detailed information.

The Apostille cannot be attached in cases where the document is unsigned or signed by a person whose signature has not been legalised. In Latvia, the Apostille cannot be attached to an original document issued by another state and to a document prepared with violations of the record-keeping rules, for example, if it is laminated.
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